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Lang. Arts 6 - 4 Honors
Instructor: Ms. Hensley   
The goal of Language Arts 6 will be a learning community that is focused on respect, responsibility, and personal growth. áThe course is designed to allow students to read a variety of materials and write for a variety of purposes and audiences
May 22 - 26
This week students will be presenting their final leadership project/presentations. Students will be turning in their leader essays the same day that they present. Presentations will include information from the essay, character map, pictures of the leader, graphic presentation, and any additional items that the student found (music of the time period, power point slides, models, dioramas, interviews, and/or videos). Students may turn in any late/missing work this week as well. It's almost summer; work hard! Have an awesome week and an awesome summer! Have fun!
May 15 - 19
This week students will have quite a bit of time in the Research Center to write/type their "leader" essay. Students may choose to work on their character mapping, graphic representation, project, or essay. Also, students may use the time to research music from the time period of their leader, or to continue research for their essay. Also this week, any students who were absent during MAPS testing will be taking the reading MAPS test. Students will continue reviewing POS, mechanics, punctuation, spelling, etc through the DLR. This week will also be full due to the band concert, field trip to Elitch Gardens, and the Spring Arts Extravaganza. Have an awesome week!!! :)
May 8 - 12
This week students will be continuing their study of Greek and Latin roots, as well as having in-class work time on their short paper for TGWOAC. Students will have an opportunity to work on their graphic representation, chapter study/literary analysis questions, character mapping, and leader/compare/contrast paragraphs. Also this week, students will be taking the MAPS test in math, language arts, and science. On Wednesday students will be going on the "all school" field trip to EPIC where they will be able to ice skate, swim, and play frisbee golf. Friday, students will end the week enjoying the talent show! This should prove to be a fun, jam-packed week! Get plenty of rest and have a GREAT week! :)
May 1 - 5
This week in language arts, students will be working on Unit 3 of the Greek and Latin roots. Students will also be working on their graphic representation component of the chapter 13 through 17 analysis questions from TGWOAC. Students have three "quote" paragraphs due...analyzing novel text with characters from the novel and explaining why their chosen leader quote fits the characters and the leader who they have been researching. Additionally, students will be reading/analyzing/discussing short stories from READ FOR REAL.
The last dance of the school year will be held on Friday, May 5, from 3:45 P.M. to 5:45 P.M..
Last, I want to give a SHOUT OUT to those students who presented their "Sixth-Grade Survival Guide" at the school board meeting last week. Way to go!
April 24 - 28
This week students will be working on Unit 2 of the Latin/Greek root word study. Unit 2 will be due on Friday, April 28th. We will begin the week discussing/reviewing chapters 7 - 14 in THE GIRL WHO OWNED A CITY. The review will be in chapter questions/titles format. We should finish the novel by next Monday/Tuesday at the latest. Tuesday and Friday we will be in the Research Center continuing the work on the leader/leadership/TGWOAC final project. Tuesday students will be viewing the "Qualities of Leadership Quotes" video and comparing Lisa and Tom's leadership styles. Friday, students will create a graphic representation of life before and after the plague. Additionally, students will be discussing/analyzing/writing responses to the last five chapters of the novel. Have a GREAT week! :)
April 17 - 21
This week we begin PARCC testing Tuesday through Thursday mornings. Students will report to their advisory class for testing/attendance. During the afternoon, students will report to periods one through four, with no POD or advisory classes held. In language arts students will begin their study of Greek and Latin roots to determine/use new vocabulary. This will be an in-depth study for the remainder of the school year. Students have their leader character map due for a daily grade today, as well as their independent reading comprehension/skills work from Friday. We will continue our reading of TGWOAC next week. Students should have literary analysis questions complete through chapter 12 (and single page handout/chapter titles). Additionally, students should bring a choice novel to their testing room each morning. Good luck! Have a GREAT week!
April 10 - 14
This week students will be reviewing grammar/mechanics/punctuation/word choice/words commonly confused through various activities and the DLR. Students will continue their "character mapping" of their chosen leader during work time in the Research Center. We will begin reading section three (chapters 13-17) in TGWOAC. Literary analysis/discussion questions will begin on Thursday for chapters 13 and 14. Students will complete a class/partner/individual reading comprehension and skills short story reading this week as well. Students should continue work on their leadership/leader projects as time allows. The project will include a "I AM the LEADER" presentation as the quarter comes to a close. Have a great week! :)
April 3 - 7
This week students will be focusing on literary analysis, literary terms, comparing/contrasting of texts, and making connections to self/world/texts through literature. Students will continue work on their Venn diagrams and character maps...adding textual support where needed. Grammar, punctuation, mechanics, fact/opinion, and other skills will be practiced through the DLR. Additionally, students should be continuing their presentation/project work on leadership/leader. Two field trips will take place this week...G/T and Band students will be involved in these. Have a great week! :)
March 27 - 31
This week students will be continuing their reading and literary analysis of TGWOAC. Students may also still receive credit for their word analysis maps from chapters 7 through 11 in the novel. Due this week, on Monday, is their creative writing using the new vocabulary words. The story should be one that Lisa tells her little brother, Todd, after the fire. Students should use 10 of the words, but may use up to 15 for extra credit. Also this week, we will review words commonly confused, punctuation rules, and various mechanics rules. Students will continue work on their comparison/contrast Venn diagram and character mapping for their chosen leader and Lisa, the protagonist, in the novel TGWOAC. Have a great week!
Spelling - oops!
The vocabulary words for chapters 7 - 11 in TGWOAC have been included as a file, should you need the handout. However, the file that I chose was the one with the word "chauffeur" misspelled! Sorry about that! Have a GREAT week!
March 13 - 17
This week students will be working on chapters 7 - 11 in TGWOAC. We will begin the week with a workday on the word analysis maps for the five chapters. Students have received a handout covering the requirements for the word analysis maps. Maps are due on Wednesday, and the test over spelling/definition/context clues will be given on Thursday. The creative writing demonstrating critical thinking and analysis skills/creativity/originality/word usage will be due the Monday following spring break. Tuesday we will be in the Research Center continuing their chosen leader research and completing a Venn diagram comparing/contrasting their leader and Lisa (from TGWOAC). We will discuss the word analysis maps on Wednesday to prepare for the test. Also, we will continue our reading of the novel. Enjoy your Friday and your spring break!
March 6 - 10
This week students will be continuing their research of both the term "leadership" and their chosen leaders. We will be in the Research Center on Tuesday and Wednesday. Students will be creating "wordles" for their presentation as well. Topics include LEADERSHIP, their chosen LEADER, SELF, and the IDITAROD. We are working with Mrs. Ruiz's art classes in designing a bulletin board covering the topic of the "Iditarod". Additionally, students will be writing a haiku to include on the bulletin board. Students should have all literature questions/analysis complete through chapter six at this time. If time allows, we will begin the comparison/contrast of their chosen leader with a character from TGWOAC. Any test corrections and/or late work for this quarter MUST be turned in by Friday, March 10th. No late work will be accepted after that date.
February 27 - March 3
This week students are reading /discussing /analyzing THE GIRL WHO OWNED A CITY through chapter 6. Vocabulary for the week revolves around literary terms and new vocabulary from the novel. Also, various parts of speech, mechanics, punctuation, and sentence structure strategies will be practiced and used in writing exercises. A grammar and usage quiz will be given on Friday, March 3rd. Make up work for the third quarter will be accepted until March 10th. Our leader research and wordle piece will continue next week, as will the reading of TGWOAC. Additionally, leadership vocabulary test corrections are due Monday, March 6th.
February 20 - 24
This week students will be in the Research Center on Wednesday and Friday. Students will continue their research on their chosen leaders, as well as create "wordles" on the theme of leadership, their chosen leader, and themselves. The wordle on "self" is extra credit. Students are compiling data that will eventually become a presentation on their leader, as well connections to the novel THE GIRL WHO OWNED A CITY. We will complete reading, discussion, and analysis through Chapter 4 in the novel. Additionally, students will review various punctuation, mechanics, spelling, and grammar rules through the DLR and various supplemental handouts. The leadership vocabulary spelling/definition/usage test is on Tuesday, February 21. The next novel vocabulary unit will be given on Monday, February 27, 2017. Have a GREAT week!
February 13 - 17
This week will be filled with activities, research, discussion, analysis, vocabulary, etc. associated with all things relating to THE GIRL WHO OWNED A CITY. This novel will be the focus for our class over the next two months - or so! We will have vocabulary test #1 on Wednesday. Several students still have not turned in the word analysis maps for this list, so completion of the maps needs to be done by test day. Students will want to study the spelling/definition/context used/synonym/antonym aspects of the ten vocabulary words. Additionally, students will be continue gathering research on their chosen leaders and making connections to Lisa as a leader, and several other articles/videos regarding leaders and their various forms of leadership. We should be finished reading through Chapter 6 of the novel by the end of the week! Have a great week!
January 30 - February 3
This week students will be reading and analyzing the third non-fiction story in Unit 4 of READ FOR REAL. This story deals with the challenges and history of the Iditarod Trail race. The vocabulary words for this week will be found in the story. Students will be completing word analysis maps for 11 new vocabulary words. Also, we will be working on literary connections to self, world, and other texts during the reading. Additionally, students will be presenting additional poetry in a "slam fashion", as several did not present during the last two weeks. A comparison/contrast writing will be created by all students...analyzing the three stories in Unit 4. Period 4 will be continuing their mini-essay writing in the form of a sequel or a character analysis. The rough draft of the essay will be due Friday. Word analysis maps and the spelling/definition test will be due/given on Friday as well. Fundraising with student council (lollies and pennies/paper) start this week, and book orders for February will be handed out as well. Have a GREAT week!
January 23 - 27
This week students will be working on a "mini essay" in either a comparison/contrast or narrative format. Both types of essays are dealing with information from OUT OF THE DUST. The comparison/contrast will be a character analysis and the narrative will be a sequel/part 2 to the novel. Students will choose one of the essays to write. The DLR will cover spelling/punctuation/grammar analysis questions this week. Additionally, students will read and analyze and discuss the second non-fiction story in Unit 4 from READ FOR REAL. This week's topic is the "Tour de France". Vocabulary for this week will come from this reading selection and students will be creating word analysis maps for this selection. A spelling/definition/comprehension test will be taken on Friday, the 27th. We will be in the Research Center on Wednesday to type essays and OOTD poetry. Have a great week! :)
January 16 - 20
This week students will be completing their OOTD poem and textual support assignments. Also, students will be beginning Unit 4 in the READ FOR REAL nonfiction reading series. Students will be working on word analysis maps (including origin and derivative work) for 16 new vocabulary words. This week's story features the New York City marathon. Word analysis maps and the spelling/definition/context test will be due/given on Friday. Additionally, project one from OOTD will be due on Thursday. This project involves the creation of a new cover for the novel...requirements are listed on the handout, along with the rubric. Project two, for 4th block, will be assigned on Monday, the 23rd. That project will involve a mini essay - character analysis, comparison/contrast, narrative, and/or a sequel are options to be explored for that assignment. Have a great week!
January 9 - 13, 2017
This week students will be working on various grammar, mechanics, punctuation, and sentence structure/usage exercises through the DLR. Students will be analyzing and discussing OUT OF THE DUST literary elements. For example, the three main themes of healing, community, and forgiveness will be used to create their OUT OF THE DUST "First line; last line" poems. Students will use the "Chapter Charter" and "Show What You Know" answers, with the textual support, to write their original poetry. Also, the "Courage" poems that will be used for literary magazine submission are due by Thursday. Those will be typed in the Research Center on Thursday. Over the long weekend, students should be writing their OUT OF THE DUST poems and beginning their brainstorms of the "NEW" OUT OF THE DUST book cover. Enjoy the break! :)
January 5-6, 2017
This week students will present their original poetry in the form of a "Poetry Slam". Students may choose to perform any of the poems that they created for the STUDENT TREASURE book or that were written in conjunction with the novel unit. Students may present from their seats or in front of the room. Additionally, students will help to create the rubric that will be used to evaluate their performances. We will discuss the history of the poetry slam and literary elements studied in conjunction with the poetry and the novel.
December 19 - 20
This week students will be taking their second quarter exam and continuing their study of OUT OF THE DUST. Students will have a couple of review assignments to keep their DLR skills sharp over break. The two handouts should not take much time...students should rest, relax, and enjoy their break. Happy holidays!!! Enjoy your holiday season and happy 2017!!
December 12 - 16
This week we will be preparing for our second six-week exam covering grammar, mechanics, punctuation, and how each impacts writing. Students will be recognizing and using each component to create an effective paragraph...then, extending this short writing to a longer piece. Also, students will be turning in their typed final copy contest poem. This poem will be entered into the Columbine Poetry Contest, and is written in the free-verse format. Students are also writing poems for submission to the literary magazine. The theme for this year is "courage". Students may choose any topic to write about; however, the subject must address courage. Also, we will continue our analysis and discussion of literary elements and themes found in the novel OUT OF THE DUST. Designing a book cover will be one of our culminating projects for this novel study. The student council canned food drive will end on Friday, and students are also asked to donate to their advisory class in hopes of helping those in need. Have an awesome week!
December 5 - 9
This week, we will be heading to the Denver Zoo on Monday. Students should dress warmly, as the forecast calls for chilly temperatures and wind! Students also will need a lunch (the cafeteria will provide lunches for students who are not bringing a lunch). We will be working on grammar/punctuation/mechanics/spelling through our DLR work, as well as on a grammar review exercise. These concepts will be tested during the last week of the semester...right before Christmas break. We will also be reading the last few chapters of OUT OF THE DUST this week and next week as well. We will be in the Research Center on Thursday editing and finalizing our poems for the poetry contest, as well as introducing our "First Line, Last Line" poems for the Literary Magazine. The theme for this year's magazine is "Courage", so students will be using the assigned template to create a poem that symbolizes the theme. Reminders include bringing donations for the canned food drive and for the "Random Acts of Kindness" Advisory Class assignment. Have a great week!
November 28 - December 2
This week, students will be working on grammar, mechanics, and other parts of speech/sentence structure exercises in conjunction with their DLR work. Also, students are creating free verse and "first/last" line poetry. Students will be in the Research Center on Wednesday to type final copies of their poems for submission to a poetry contest. This work will continue on Thursday, December 8. Additionally, we will continue reading OUT OF THE DUST, while working on various literary element exercises. Students will complete a READ FOR REAL analysis/critical thinking assignment later in the week. Remember, students need to turn in $5 to Mrs. Perricone for the field trip to the zoo. We will be going to the zoo on Monday, December 5. Students will creating their "first/last" line poems from this field trip. Have a great week!
November 14 - 18
The cry of the week is "no more Scripsi"! STUDENT TREASURE books were due on Friday, the 11th, so that is one BIG project "in the books"! This week we will have a short OUT OF THE DUST vocabulary/spelling list. The ten words on the word analysis maps will be due on Friday, along with the spelling/definition/synonym/antonym test. We will continue our novel reading and poetry writing this week, along with selections that support the Dust Bowl and Great Depression time periods...in non-fiction/interdisciplinary fashion. Then, it is time to rest, relax, and EAT some turkey! Have a blessed Thanksgiving break! :)
November 7 - 11
Students will be finishing their STUDENT TREASURE books this week. We will be in the Research Center two days for typing, proofreading, adding sketches and illustrations, and creating their covers for the book. Additionally, students may work on the books at home using their log in information and password on the online publishing website. Students will also be working on chapter questions involving higher order thinking skills and use of textual support in OUT OF THE DUST. Also, the DLR will incorporate grammar and mechanics and word analysis exercises into the daily lessons. Students need to share their STUDENT TREASURE poetry books with me by the end of the school day on Friday, November 11. The first dance of the school year will be held that same Friday from 4 to 6 PM.
Have a great week!
October 31 - November 4
This week students will be working on their STUDENT TREASURE integrated poetry, OUT OF THE DUST novel, and self poetry books. We will by typing in the Research Center all week. Additionally, students will be in the Research Center creating book covers and adding images and pictures to their books. The program that is used for this project is SCRIPSI. Students have received their user names and passwords for this program. Students have chapter 4 and 5 vocabulary that is due on Friday. These words were assigned last week. Students will be testing on the vocabulary on Monday, the 7th of November. We will continue reading the novel next week. Also, students will be writing a bio poem on Billie Jo, emotion and setting haiku poems associated with the novel, and finding quotes about and in the novel.
October 24 - 28
This week will be a short, but busy one! Students will receive their spelling/vocabulary list and word maps for chapters 4 and 5 in OUT OF THE DUST. The maps, and test, will be due on Friday, November 4. Students will have a little class time to begin work on their maps. However, we will be in the Research Center Wednesday and Thursday this week to continue work on their STUDENT TREASURE books. Additionally, we will be in the Research Center all next week. Students should be working on their final stanza(s) for the original "Abandoned Farmhouse" poem, as well as creating an original poem following the "Abandoned Farmhouse" format. Students have also completed research on "What's in a Name?" and this research will be turned into an acrostic poem to be included in the STUDENT TREASURE book.
Enjoy the long weekend!
October 17 - 21
This week students will be focusing on Chapter three in OUT OF THE DUST. The spelling and vocabulary lesson will come from this chapter, as well as the chapter charter questions. Spelling/vocabulary word analysis maps will be due on Friday, the 21st. The test will be given on Friday as well. Also this week, students will be reading and analyzing the "Abandoned Farmhouse" poem by Ted Kooser. Students will be creating a final stanza for the poem to explain "what happened". Reading comprehension questions will be used to illustrate the skill of using textual support to answer questions. Students will be using these citation skills throughout the school year. Have a great week!
October 10 - 14
This week's spelling and vocabulary words will be found in chapter two, "Spring 1934" in OUT OF THE DUST. Students will complete word analysis maps for the new vocabulary words. The spelling/definition test will be on Friday, October 14. Additionally, students will be learning about free-verse poetry and why the novel is written in this style. We will be in the Research Center on Wednesday to type all original poetry for the STUDENT TREASURE book. Additionally, students may begin reading/analyzing/discussing the poem entitled "Abandoned Farmhouse". Various literary terms and themes will be discussed in conjunction with the novel and poetry selections. Have a GREAT homecoming week!
October 3 - 7
This week the spelling and vocabulary focus will be on twenty new vocabulary words found in the first chapter of OUT OF THE DUST. This chapter is titled "Winter 1934" and covers the first 33 pages of the novel. Students will complete the word analysis maps for the vocabulary, adding in a denotative definition and a textual support component as part of the sentence square. The word analysis maps will be due on Friday, and the test will be given that day as well. Wednesday we will be in the Research Center to choose a "found" poem and to continue typing all other poetry, as well as the "Rules for the Classroom" vocabulary assignment. Reading, analysis, and discussion of the literary elements found in OUT OF THE DUST will comprise the remainder of the week. Students who wish to earn points back for their spelling tests, should complete test corrections by Friday, October 7, 2016. Have a great week!
September 26 - 30
This week students will be working on the spelling/vocabulary lessons that work on the short and long "u" sounds. Students will complete pages 38 - 43 for Friday; however, page 41 is due on Wednesday. Barron's vocabulary is chapter 3, and all pages are due on Friday. Students will take their spelling test on Friday as well. Also, lemonade poems are due Wednesday. Students will be typing their poems in the Research Center on Wednesday, along with their classroom rules from page 41 in the spelling textbook. Additionally, students will begin reading OUT OF THE DUST analyzing various literary terms introduced in the novel. Students will complete word analysis maps for vocabulary terms found in the novel...beginning next week. So, we will take a break from the spelling textbook and focus on new vocabulary introduced in the novel. Have a great week! :)
September 19 - 23
We have a busy week ahead of us! Because it is a short week, students will have a modified spelling/vocabulary unit to complete. Students opted to use the word analysis maps again this week. The maps do seem to be helping with word meaning and word use. Spelling pages will be assigned to first and third periods, and brain ticklers/exercises will be assigned to fourth period. The spelling test will be given to all on Friday. Also this week, we will be starting our non-fiction reading in the READ FOR REAL series. Additionally, we have a couple of groups still needing to present their dust bowl research findings and we will start the introductory reading of OUT OF THE DUST on Friday. Have a great week!
Spelling 12 - 16
This week we will be using a new format for spelling/vocabulary. Students have self-selected their word study, but will still complete the analogy/inference spelling skill work from unit 3. They should complete pages 26, 27, 28, 30, and 31 for Friday. Their word analysis forms will also be due on Friday, and they will take their spelling test that day as well. Also, dust bowl research should be complete, and students will begin presentations on the various dust bowl topics on Tuesday. Our poetry study continues with students typing final copies of their poetry in the Research Center on Wednesday. The poems will eventually be part of their STUDENT TREASURE book projects. Journalism club meets Tuesday after school from 3:30-4:00 p.m.. Have an awesome week!
September 5 - 9
We will be taking a break from spelling this week, as it is a short week. Our regular spelling/vocabulary schedule will resume on Monday, September 12. This week we will begin our poetry unit. It will incorporate poetry and our novel study of OUT OF THE DUST. Students will begin with bio poems and haiku poems and will progress to free verse poetry. In our grammar study, adjectives will be introduced. Additionally, students will be going to the Research Center to begin typing their poems and to research topics associated with OUT OF THE DUST. Although it is a short week, it will be a busy one!
August 29 - September 2
This week students will be working on Unit 2 in their spelling/vocabulary textbooks. The lessons focus on using the long and the short "e" sounds/vowels correctly. Students will need to complete pages 20, 21, 22, 24, and 25 by Thursday, as Friday will be the test (and a shortened period!). Students will be introduced to the novel OUT OF THE DUST this week, along with various themes we will be studying during the novel unit. Initially, students will complete a "dream" activity, as "pursuing a dream" is one of the main themes found in the story. Additionally, we will begin reading the novel and discussing the writing style. Have a great week! Fall is in the air! :)
August 22 - 26
This week students will be taking their MAPS Language Arts test on Monday. Students will be beginning their spelling and vocabulary lessons this week. Unit 1 covers the long and short "a" sounds. Pages 14-16, 18 and 19 will be due on Friday, and the spelling test will be given Friday as well. Additionally, the "All About Me" project is due on Tuesday. Students will be given the opportunity to present sections of their projects for a presentation grade. Mini lessons, during the presentations, will be given to help students with effective speaking and listening techniques. Also, a preliminary lesson introducing the novel OUT OF THE DUST, will be discussed at the end of the week.
August 16 - 19
Welcome to Language Arts 6! We are in for a busy, productive, fun-filled school year! This week we will be working on some "getting to know you" and critical thinking/problem-solving activities, as well as being introduced to the "workings" of the Research Center, and discussing our syllabus. Students will need to bring their planner, binder, pencil/pen, and a highlighter to class everyday. Students will be receiving their spelling/vocabulary textbook this week, as well as checking out books for the silent-sustained portion of their advisory class. Please email me at any time if you have questions or concerns or celebrations.. I will be posting class updates on my Fusion Pages. I am looking forward to a successful 2016-2017 school year! :)
Discussion Topics
Bio Poem and Haiku Poem Formats
Word Analysis Map for spelling/vocabulary
Lemonade Poetry Template
"Grammar Up" Practice Sentences/Free Verse Poetry Creation
Vocabulary Chapters 7-11 TGWOAC
No "Homework" exist(s)

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